On Wednesday, May 16th, 2018, Nikki Bella appeared on Today — just two days after her ex John Cena went on the same show, poured his heart out, and pleaded with Bella to take him back. The wrestling couple started dating in 2012 and broke up in April, just weeks before they were reportedly set to be married. It was long rumored that they split because Cena didn’t want kids and Bella did, but during Cena’s Monday Today appearance, he looked directly into the camera and told Bella he was ready to be a father, wanted to marry her, and still loved her.

On May 16th, however, Bella seemed rather unbothered by Cena’s comments and echoed her earlier statements to Extra that she’s simply working on herself but hopes that the two can reunite in the future. One thing she did mention, which we’re sure many couples can relate to, is that through the wedding planning process she and Cena were forced to confront their deeper conflicts — the “issues that we have hiding deep down inside.”

Bella kept her statement vague, but we have some hints as to what those “issues” might be. Cena’s reluctance to have kids has been well-documented, but Bella recently expressed fears that a marriage to Cena would be a lonely one. In a new clip from Season 3 of the wrestler’s reality show Total Bellas, Bella admitted that she and Cena spent very little time together, presumably because of his career.

Sounds like Bella has a lot of reflecting to do.