Toria Sheffield
July 04, 2018 6:37 am

Many pop culture aficionados have been following the twists and turns of Nikki Bella and John Cena’s recent breakup. For the uninitiated, the wrestling superstars got engaged in 2017 (in front of thousands of people at WrestleMania) after five years of dating. However, in April — and a mere week before their wedding — the couple announced they had broken up.

They released the following statement, which Bella posted to Twitter.

The following day, Cena also tweeted about the breakup, addressing the nature of hardship and loss:

But it didn’t end there. Cena appeared on Today on May 14th, telling the world that he 100% wanted to work things out with Bella and that he definitely wanted to have a family with her (at the time, many fans speculated the breakup was in part due to the fact that Cena often said he never wanted children, while Bella has always been vocal about wanting to be a mom).

And on the most recent episode of Bella’s E! reality show, Total Bellas, it seemed as though we witnessed the couple reconcile. However, Bella recently took to YouTube to clarify her relationship status with fans, letting them know that the apparent reconciliation was filmed months ago, and that as of right now, she and Cena are definitely not together.

However, the reality star also noted that she does think there’s hope for them in the future.

You can watch Bella’s full statement here:

At the end of the day, breakups are hard, and we’re just glad that both Bella and Cena seem to be doing okay and are taking the time to figure out what they really want and need.