Anyone who has ever watched Netflix’s Nailed It! knows that the baking show is a hilarious nod to struggling in the kitchen. Watching amateur bakers’ disastrous attempts at recreating recipes is funny on its own. But host Nicole Byer makes the show even better, and we couldn’t imagine Nailed It! without her. So when a fan noticed that she wasn’t in one of the show’s thumbnail images on Netflix, Byer was rightfully upset.

E! News reports thaton May 28th, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of the Netflix thumbnail image for the series. It featured head judge Jacques Torres and director Weston Behr—two white men. Byer, however, was absent from the picture. The tweet has since been deleted. But according to E! News, the user expressed disappointment, writing “@nicolebyer IS NAILED IT!”

Byer then noticed the image and called it “disrespectful.” In a since-deleted series of tweets, E! Online reports that she wrote:

Thankfully, it seems like the Netflix team listened to Byer’s complaints.

Today, May 29th, Byer tweeted that she spoke with one of the Nailed It! executives and that the thumbnail image without her was taken down.

Vox notes that Netflix’s thumbnail images are tailored to appeal to individual users. The streaming site uses an algorithm to pull photos from each episode to serve as potential thumbnails, and what you see depends on factors like region and your favorite genres. But even taking all of that into consideration, it seems like a huge gaffe that a Nailed It! thumbnail wouldn’t feature Byer. We’re glad she spoke up and managed to get the thumbnail changed, and we hope that this doesn’t happen again on a platform that reaches and influences so many.