Double Dare reboot
Credit: Nickelodeon /

Did you miss the giant hamster wheel? The big nose? The slime? So did we. That’s why we’re overjoyed to hear that Nickelodeon is officially rebooting Double Dare for a whopping 40 episodes. The show is expected to re-launch this summer, and we’ll be setting our DVRs for sure.

Back in the day, three versions of the iconic show aired on Nickelodeon. There was the classic Double Dare, which debuted in 1986 and had two teams of two participants play against each other. Then there was Super Sloppy Double Dare, which featured more slime, and Family Double Dare, which hit the airwaves in 1988. Hanging with host Marc Summers during a family trip to Orlando, Florida was always the dream. Getting moon shoes out of it was just a bonus.

We don’t yet know whether Summers — who’s now 66 — will take on the hosting gig again.

Nickelodeon released the following promo, and we’re officially AMPED (slash feeling ridiculously nostalgic).

Now that it’s official, you’re probably wondering: When, exactly, will this wonderful broadcast hit television? While a specific date has yet to be set, it seems like it’s a mere few months away. Basically, we just have to wait a handful of weeks to see how Nickelodeon is handling the return of one of its most iconic shows.

Who knows? Maybe GUTS will be next. Someone needs to get Moira Quirk on the phone, stat.