Nick, Joe, and Kevin just confirmed that they're not going anywhere.

Olivia Harvey
Mar 26, 2021 @ 11:32 am
jonas brothers
Credit: Getty Images, Xavi Torrent / Contributor

JoBros fans have been getting a little worried lately about the possibility of a second split in the band's history. Nick Jonas recently debuted a solo album titled Spaceman and appeared by himself as a guest host of Saturday Night Live, which didn't really sit well with fans who are still celebrating the reuniting of the Jonas Brothers who got back together after a six-year hiatus in 2019. But, have no fear, stans—the brothers just confirmed that there is no oncoming split in sight.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas talked to Access about getting back together on the brink of a global pandemic and what the future may hold for the brothers Jonas. And according to Kevin, the three of them are really excited to sing together and also support each others' independent projects going forward.

"Recently with Nick releasing this project Spaceman and being able to do that and us having the ability to support it and be excited about it and knowing where this band is obviously still together and still doing its thing," Kevin told Access. "It's exciting and shows all the different sides of everything we can do, which is really cool."

Of course, with the ongoing pandemic at play, and the Brothers continuing to practice social distancing, it's undoubtedly been hard to collaborate as much as they would like to. Kevin and Nick got together recently for a Cadillac campaign for the company's self-driving car ("[Nick's] face lit up and when he let go and let it do its thing, it's amazing to experience it in person," Kevin told Access), and all three brothers went live on Instagram to amp up excitement for Spaceman's release earlier this month.

So, the Jonas Brothers are definitely still together. It just may be a while until they can get back to doing what they do best as a family unit.