There’s nothing quite as cringe-worthy as adults attempting to talk like teens…and failing. And recently, anchors and reporters from Toledo news station WTOL attempted to cheer on local students…by speaking to them in “their language.” While the “lit” motivational video was reportedly only meant to be seen by Toledo public school students, the clip was posted to Twitter and quickly went viral.

While admittedly painful to watch, the clip served as an important reminder to not drop “Gucci” around the Gen-Z kids in our lives unless we want to get roasted.

However, while the anchors and reporters may have gotten trolled by a vast majority of the internet, the reason for making the video was actually good-intentioned. “[Toledo public schools] has had two consecutive failing grades on the Ohio state report card. 800 TPS students were absent during the 2018 Ohio state test,” the WTOL post read. “There are fears that a third consecutive failing grade could lead to a state takeover of the district.”

With this major concern in mind, Toledo public schools reached out to a number of media outlets, including WTOL, for help getting students ready and motivated for the test.

We applaud WTOL’s efforts…even if they did go unintentionally (and hilariously) viral.