Anna Sheffer
January 05, 2018 12:23 pm

The New York Times has been fighting to convey the truth since its creation, and in 2017 the newspaper continued to combat fake new outlets, alt-right reporting, and people in power who attempt to dismantle important stories. In October, the Times released groundbreaking features that blew the lid off the culture of sexual harassment and misogyny in Hollywood and male-dominated industries.

Now, the paper is crusading for truth in a different way. On January 5th, the New York Times unveiled an ad focusing on Hollywood sexual harassment and assault that will air during the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

The ad begins with a white background. The words “He said” and “She said” appear one after another on the background. After a few seconds, “She said” begins to repeat over and over.

The ad is part of a new campaign following the Times‘ “The Truth is Hard” ad that aired during the Oscars last year. While the new ad campaign shares the same focus on the paper’s commitment to high-quality journalism, it will do so through the lens of the media outlet’s recent reports on sexual harassment. The first ad will premiere during the Golden Globes, and more will follow in digital, print, and broadcast mediums.

Julie Matheny, associate creative director at the agency responsible for the ad, Droga5, told Ad Age that the advertisement was designed to reflect the words used to belittle victims’ — especially women’s — allegations of sexual misconduct.

The work that journalists at the Times and other media outlets do is crucial in making sure the truth is heard — especially when certain outlets have been working to discredit sexual assault victims. We applaud the Times for its excellent coverage of women’s issues and for using its Golden Globes ad to highlight the importance of the truth.