Credit: Instagram/OscarWildeNYC

This article originally appeared in Food & Wine.

Oscar Wilde once famously said, “Work is the curse of the drinking classes.” Well, if you’re in New York this month, you can drink like Wilde after your curse-of-the-drinking-classes day is done for the day. An Oscar Wilde-themed bar will be opening in the Flatiron District in late June. The bar will be ridiculously ornate and covered in statues, decorative sconces, and golden columns, so that you too can enjoy a drink like any nineteenth century dandy might have.

According to the owners, the bar will be the longest continuous bar in all of New York City. No, not in terms of longevity. (That’s a more complicated issue.) The bar itself—the part that the bartender stands behind—is going to be 120 feet long, leaving lots of room for the literary geniuses of today to sit, drink, and try to think of the perfect witticisms to write into their novels. Behind the mahogany bar is a mirror emblazoned with the words “Wilde Whiskey Times,” and to its side stands a sculpture of Wilde himself, custom made for this bar, with room in his drinking hand for a glass.

The owners, Tommy Burke and Frank McCole, who came to New York from Ireland in the 80s, are also the guys behind Lillie’s Victorian Establishment, a similarly ornate bar in Union Square and Midtown West. The Wilde bar (not to be confused with the Oscar Wilde Bar at the Hotel Café Royal in London) will be even more over-the-top as far as decoration goes: it’s decked out in $4 million of design features.

The mixologist, Johnny Swet, will be inspired by Wilde’s own favorite drinks—champagne and absinthe. The signature cocktail, meanwhile, will feature Guinness beer. According to Gothamist, it will be “Oscar Wilde’s Potent Elixir,” which includes cognac, gin, Guinness, cassis, lavender, champagne and orange zest. For more, you can follow OscarWildeNYC on Instagram.