Genelle Levy
March 13, 2018 7:32 am

New York is expected to get a fresh blanket of snow on Tuesday, March 13th as Winter Storm Skylar brings its fury to the Northeast. The storm will dump over a foot of snow between Massachusetts and Maine.

However, New York is expected to fair better than other regions, with The National Weather Service expecting the city to receive one to three inches of snow before noon on Tuesday. This will also affect New York’s surrounding region, including northeastern New Jersey and parts of Long Island.

Parts of Rhode Island, Connecticut and southeastern Massachusetts have already received one to four inches of snow as of approximately 8:30 a.m ET, with reports of five inches of snow coming in from Monroe, New York and North Dighton, Massachusetts.

There have been multiple school closures on Long Island and in New York’s surrounding regions. You can go to NBC’s website here to see whether your school is still open.

The aggressive winter weather has officially morphed into what weather experts call a bombogenesis, a weather category common to nor’easters which means that very low pressure has combined with warm air from the Gulf Stream and cold air surging southward from Canada, resulting in high winds and snow.

However, for New Yorkers, snow should taper off around this afternoon with the weather forecast in the city for Wednesday expected to be 41 degrees with low winds and some rain drizzle.

It looks like residents of the Big Apple will soon be trading snow boots for umbrellas!