Credit: Unity

If you’re of a certain age, then you were 100% obsessed with The Sims at a certain time in your life (or at the very least, 100% knew someone who was). The Sims was an important game to the Millennial market, since not only did it widen our imaginations, but it helped let you know who among your friends would remove a pool ladder on you. While the game is still going strong in its fourth version, creator Will Wright has other projects on his plate. Wright has been hard at work creating Proxi, a game which works around your own memories.

Sounds terrifying, right? All of us will be able to give it a shot later this year when it’s set to be released on mobile devices. The website states that it uses artificial intelligence, and interacts with you in order to explore your world.

Your Proxi is set to work on “Mems” — short for memories, of course — which help shape each AI. “It develops the language and personality of the Player’s proxi,” the website explains.

Well, huh. Sounds interesting.

Wright even created a video that explains it all in more depth, and to find an artist to help him out. His contest, which is set to end on May 14th, sounds like an amazing opportunity for someone special.

The video also gives us a better idea of what Wright is imagining. It’s giving us some subtle SimCity vibes, which makes sense, as Wright also worked on that classic game.

Credit: Unity

Since Wright has become somewhat known for creating advanced games that make you think outside the box, we have a feeling that Proxi is going to be a hit — slightly scary or not.