At one point or another, most women have (likely) felt that they weren’t given their due or recognized for their worth in the workplace — or hell, weren’t even paid enough for equal work. It’s a sad reality, and that’s why it’s so important that we talk about it, which is *exactly* what New Girl did this week — with its signature humor, of course.

In New Girl‘s “Tuesday Meeting,” Jess accepts Russell’s job offer to run his education-based non-profit, but the thing is, he isn’t actually letting her run it; he’s just giving her busy work, instead of any real responsibility, and it gets to the point where Jess tells Cece that she’s about to quit.

Cece couldn’t believe that the job turned out this way, that Jess is being seriously undervalued — and frankly, we couldn’t either.

Because, hello, Jess is a T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E and is not to be undervalued.

Not only that, but Russell had apparently been leaving Jess out, working closely with some male colleagues he really trusts — and excluding her from his Tuesday meetings, which she was never invited to, but some of the guys from the office were.

Cece recognized that as an unfortunate reality that’s all too real for a lot of working women.

She also recalled when her co-workers didn’t respect her need to pump (for baby Ruth), and Jess remembered when her input in a previous role was flat-out looked over; and even worse, her male colleagues took credit for her thoughts and suggestions! Like I said, it’s a very unfortunate reality.

But this time, Jess wasn’t about to let it slide.

No, no, no. Instead, she — and a drunken and overly caffeinated Cece, and #bless — busted into Russell’s Tuesday meeting, and called him out.

YOU TELL ‘EM JESS. Only thing is, that actually wasn’t her place, seeing as the meetings are for Russell’s divorced father support group, but we respect the enthusiasm! And we respect the way she adjusted her call out.

She revealed that she was ready to quit because she knows she can make a difference for schools in need, but he has to let her help. I know I was wrong about the meeting, but you have to admit, you haven’t given me any real work to do. Why is that? Do you not think of me as an equal? Because if that’s the case, that needs to change.”

For Russell, that’s far from the case. In fact, he hired her because he thought she could actually make a difference. Turns out her new employee status and his trust issues were the things getting in the way, but he’s not going to get in her way anymore — it’s time for her to do real work.

We couldn’t be any prouder of Jess, with support from Cece, for standing up for herself. It isn’t easy, but it’s so important — and we’re so glad New Girl is drawing attention to women’s struggles in the workplace.