Christina Pellegrini
Updated Jun 11, 2016 @ 7:24 am
Credit: Shutterstock

While we’re still recovering from Instagram’s big change — which floats the perceived “most important” posts to the top of your feed — this sweet new Facebook update might help you get over your social media woes.

Facebook is currently testing a new feature that lets you send a notification about a particularly interesting post to up to 10 friends.

Much like Instagram’s new-ish direct messaging option, which allows you to send memes and posts privately — without tagging them for all the world to see — this new tool will allow you to keep what you share on Facebook a little more under the radar, too. This will prevent posts from having long comment sections that are just tagged users, as well as keep the posts you’re tagged in off your timeline. Sounds good to us.

A Facebook spokesperson told SocialTimes: “When you make a post that is particularly interesting to certain friends, you want to make sure they see it. Instead of tagging friends in the post or the comments section, we’re testing a more discreet option to alert them of your post by sending them a notification.”

By all means, Facebook, continue! We love us some discretion.