Gina Vaynshteyn
April 03, 2015 8:50 am

Remember when The Blue Dress happened and ended friendships and marriages, and ALMOST destroyed the Internet as we knew it? How you and your co-workers squinted at the maybe-blue, maybe-gold, maybe-white, maybe-black lines and went back and forth on what the colors actually were? Days later, scientists would explain WHY we see the colors that we see, but it’s still bizarre to think all humans view things differently.

Like this image of Albert Einstein. Or is it Marilyn Monroe you’re seeing?

If your eyeballs told your brain that you see Einstein, then that means you have awesome vision (even if it’s corrected —I’m wearing glasses right now and definitely see Einstein). If you see Marilyn, then maybe it’s time you went in for a pair of spectacles. It also depends if you’re near-sighted for far-sighted. I walked away from my laptop, and from across the room, I saw Marilyn (meaning, I can’t see things super well from far away).

According to The Daily Dot, “The picture is an example of a hybrid image. That’s where the low spatial frequency of one photo is combined with the high spatial frequency of another, creating a foggy mess that changes depending on how far you are away.”

Here are some more hybrid images you can test your eyeballs on:

Is it a dolphin or a car?

What you should be seeing: A dolphin

A leopard or an elephant?

What you should be seeing: A leopard

A bicycle or a motorcycle?

What you should be seeing: A bicycle

For a rad (and super informative) explanation of hybrid images from AsapSCIENCE, check out the video below!

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