Natasha Reda
April 16, 2019 8:36 am

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and it’s currently legal for landlords to give tenants as little as two months notice before evictions (which is not a lot of time to find a new place—especially in a competitive and costly market). So we were cheering when we saw housing campaigner Kirsty Archer hold her own against an older news anchor who seemed to imply that young people should be grateful they get to rent at all.

However, anchor Jayne Secker interrupted her almost immediately, arguing that isn’t the landlord’s fault—it’s “just the housing market.” She went on to imply that younger people should be happy to pay high prices for rent, because they lack the “common sense” to own homes anyway (which, by the way, completely ignores the fact that people and families of all ages are subjected to the two-month policy).

Archer respectfully listened to the mini tirade, and then calmly called Secker’s line of questioning “patronizing.” She also noted that if a landlord has a problem with a young tenants’ lack of “common sense” they should have a considerate conversation with them…not kick them out with eight weeks to find a new place to live.

Check out the full Sky News interview in the video below:

Twitter is not here for the anchor’s remarks…but they are here for Archer’s composure (and dare we say it, common sense).

Even singer Ellie Goulding chimed in, writing, “This is pretty unacceptable…”

Secker has since released an apology, admitting she got the “tone and content” of the interview wrong.

Hmm…looks like “common sense” isn’t just a young people problem.