Tall Girl
Credit: Netflix

Netflix is on the hunt for its next star, and ladies, if you’re 5’10” or taller, that star might just be you. In an exclusive with HelloGiggles, the streaming platform is announcing a worldwide casting call to find the lead for its upcoming comedy, Tall Girl.

Tonally in the vein of a classic John Hughes teen comedy, the film was written by Sam Wolfson and will be directed by Nzingha Stewart. It follows Jodi,“the tallest girl in her school, who has never quite felt comfortable in her own statuesque skin. All of that changes when she falls for the handsome (and equally tall) foreign exchange student Stig, who of course gets Jodi’s quirky, best, male friend Dunkleman and his hippie mom as a host family. As a result, Jodi gets embroiled in a surprising love triangle, which helps her realize she’s far more than her insecurities about her height have led her to believe.”

And producers are opening up casting to tall girls everywhere.

Looking far and wide for their Jodi, Netflix is launching a worldwide casting call to girls between 13 and 21-years-old who are 5’10” or taller. Aspiring Jodis can submit their auditions on the casting call’s official website. Submissions for the casting call are open between November 5th and November 21st. Tall Girl is set to begin shooting in January 2019. In an email to HelloGiggles, Stewart, who is repped by Paradigm and managed by Evan Silverberg, opened up about the film’s body-positive message, calling it a reminder that “vulnerabilities are really our super powers.”

“It can become not just a vulnerability, but a source of shame,” she continued. “And this movie reminded me that our vulnerabilities are really our super powers, and the things we’re ashamed of are just places that need a little extra kindness. And there’s nobody who doesn’t need to be reminded of that every once in a while.”

So, are you Netflix’s next star?