Bridey Heing
May 26, 2015 9:20 am

Netflix, that glorious site where you lose hours of your day binge-watching all the shows, had a not-so-minor issue over the weekend. According to Mashable, subscribers in New Zealand and Australia watched as Netflix charged them multiple times for their monthly subscription, in some cases up to 11 times.

While the usual $11.99 might make Netflix an affordable option for many, a lot of users were shocked to find their accounts drained by over $100 in charges. Natch, customers took to Twitter to get answers.

Not what anyone would want to see when they check their bank account, especially those on an already tight budget. Netflix responded promptly to the issue, although they are still working on getting the refunds processed. A spokesperson told Mashable Australia  that the money wasn’t actually pulled from accounts, even if authorizations are still showing on accounts.

“We are aware a small percentage of Australian and New Zealand members experienced multiple credit card authorizations for monthly billing. The issue has been resolved. While no extra money was withdrawn from users’ accounts, it may take several days for the authorizations to drop from users’ bank accounts. Members may contact Netflix customer service if they have additional issues. We regret any inconvenience related to the problem.”

Although there haven’t been reports that US users have been impacted by the glitch, it might be worth checking your account closely until Netflix can identify why this happened.

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