Even before Netflix got into the originals game, the term “binge-watch” was already infamous. Binge-watching was literally invented because of the streaming site, so everyone said goodbye to their free time and even some social engagements just to chill at home and Netflix a show or movie. Pretty soon “Netflix and chill” meant more than just watching some TV with someone. That’s how normalized Netflix has become in our lives.

And then Netflix decided to level up and start making original content. From TV shows to movies, there is nothing the streaming site doesn’t have its hands in. And it’s getting to be a problem. There is too much content out there for someone to watch it all. (TBH it’s literally my job to watch TV and movies and write about them and I’m struggling to keep up with everything I have to see for work let alone want to see for my own personal enjoyment.)

But Netflix doesn’t care. Because Netflix CFO David Wells just dropped the mic on the company’s plans for 2018 and y’all, it’s about to get NUTS. Speaking today at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Wells casually mentioned that Netflix is set to spend more than *$8 billion* on content this year, and will have *700 original TV shows and movies* which is just TOO MUCH. Calm down, Netflix, please! We can’t handle all of this!

Now, that 700 figure also factors in returning seasons of original series and around 80 international productions like the German thriller Dark, so that makes it a little less scary of a number. But still. If our math is correct (and it might not be because I’m a writer for a living for a reason, guys!) that means Netflix will have 620 original TV shows and movies from the U.S.

Say goodbye to having a social life or even seeing the sun this year because it’s official: we’re going to be glued to our TV and computer and phone screens for all of 2018 just to try to keep up with Netflix’s growing list of content. Help.