Credit: Michele K. Short / Netflix

The first full-length trailer for Maniac has arrived, and with it, the most bonkers staring contest you’ve ever seen. It’s been more than a year and a half since it was announced that Superbad co-stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill would be reuniting for the trippy new Netflix limited series, but now we finally have a truly out-there first look.

While the initial teaser didn’t really tell us anything new about the series, it showed Stone and Hill giving each other the ultimate stare-down while an unseen voice posed a mind-bending theory about, well, the mind. Like a stoned Immanuel Kant, the voiceover says,“One you begin to appreciate the structure of the mind, there’s no reason to believe that anything about us can’t be changed. The mind can be solved.”

Now, a much fuller trailer has arrived, and it’s not any less bonkers. Justin Theroux appears as a decidedly deranged mad scientist, and we learn that Hill and Stone’s characters have enrolled themselves in some kind of experimental psychiatric study. The duo seem to go on an array of adventures together—in their minds. Take a look:

The 10-episode limited series is based on a Norwegian show of the same name, and was directed by True Detective‘s Cary Joji Fukunaga. Creator Patrick Somerville penned all the episodes. The premise, according to the official Netflix logline for Maniac: “Two strangers find themselves caught up in a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial gone awry.”

This certainly seems like a far cry from where we left Seth and Jules in Superbad a decade ago.

Sally Field and Justin Theroux join Stone and Hill in the wild limited series. While we still have so many questions about what to expect from the upcoming series, we have a feeling it’s going to be mind-alteringly good.

Maniac is set to begin streaming on September 21st on Netflix.