Meaghan Kirby
Updated Mar 20, 2018 @ 10:41 am

With spring finally here, cuffing season is officially coming to a close, and leaving with it are some of our favorite Netflix movies. After a winter away, Gotham is in need of its most valuable vigilante, and three different Batmans — err, Batmen?? — are ready to save it as Batman, Batman, Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin are exiting Netflix come April 1st.

And after bursting into our lives and stealing our hearts for two weeks in February, and then again for 10 days in March, the Olympics and Paralympics have officially come to an end, and with that, Netflix is taking away underdog bobsled classicCool Runnings.

Meanwhile, movie night staples like Begin Again, Leap Year, and Never Let Me Go will also be exiting Netflix next month, alongside classics like The Prestige, Caddyshack, The Shawshank Redemption, and Apollo 13. And after being one of our go-to stand up specials for years, John Mulaney: New in Townis moving on to better pastures.

Pretty sad, right? Right, and there’s more where that came from, because #springcleaning.

Here’s the full list of titles leaving Netflix in April:

April 1st

April 3rd

April 5th

April 12th

April 15th

April 16th

April 17th

April 20th

April 21st

April 22nd

April 26th

April 27th

We’re so sad to see all these titles leave Netflix, but can’t wait for all the new ones to come.