Dear White People
Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

The Order of X has a special declaration to make: Dear White People is sticking around for another semester. Nearly two months after its sophomore season dropped on the Netflix, the streaming site announced that it has picked up the critically acclaimed show for Season 3. And just like previous two installments, the next one will feature 10 glorious episodes.

Netflix took to Twitter to reveal the upcoming renewal, with a clip starring Giancarlo Esposito — who happens to be the narrator of the show but seems like he’ll now be playing a MUCH larger role, TBD.

“Now that I have your attention, this message is being delivered to you on behalf of the Order of X,” he says. “I come with a message of truth. To clarify the false information that’s being disseminated around the world today: Dear White People will be returning to Netflix for a season 3. We’ll meet you there.”

In the video announcement, you’ll notice that he’s reading a newspaper called Mr. Porter with actor Chiwetel Ejiofor on the cover. Could it be a clue for Season 3? Possibly so.

Considering that the last season was quite the rollercoaster, anything is possible. Season 2 primarily revolved around Sam, Troy, Reggie, and co. dealing with the aftermath of the failed protest at the end of Season 1. On top of that, the season saw Sam having a hard time moving on from her breakup with Gabe, facing an alt-right online troll who wouldn’t leave her alone, and trying to uncover the black secret society at Winchester College. Her sleuthing finally led her and investigative partner Lionel to discover that Giancarlo Esposito (!!) is involved with the Order of X. “I see you’ve been watching closely,” he says in the final scene.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, show creator Justin Simien divulged that Season 3 is open to exploring a wide range of possibilities because it’s finally going to be set in a brand new semester.

Dear White People will return to Netflix sometime in 2019. You’ll have plenty of time for rewatching the first two seasons and coming up with conspiracy theories. In the meantime, sit tight and stay woke.