The mere mention of Barb (aka Shannon Purser) from Stranger Things is enough to make most fans sigh in indignation. In case you missed it: #JusticeForBarb was never served after the beloved character met her watery fate in Season 1. Thankfully, Netflix is giving her a second chance at life—in the world of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

We are all for this. Barb deserves to be a powerful and badass witch with the ability to defend herself from any monsters that may try to drag her down (especially down swimming pools).

As for Bhoot, he’s another lovable character who met an untimely demise. In Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (Netflix’s adaptation of The Jungle Book) the albino wolf was tragically killed by a hunter, shattering the hearts of viewers everywhere.

Honestly, we can already imagine Bhoot helping Barb take on demons and slay her classes at Blackwood Academy. We just hope Netflix takes this idea and runs with it. A full-fledged crossover event? A short promo video? Anything—just to give our aching hearts some closure After all, it is the holidays.