Anna Sheffer
February 05, 2018 11:16 am

With the dawn of 2018 comes a midterm election year. And one of the candidates running for Congress is a legitimate Nazi. Arthur Jones, who will likely be the Republican candidate in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District House of Representatives race, is a noted Holocaust denier and former member of the American National Socialist Workers Party — aka the Nazi Party.

Jones is currently the only Republican nominee for the position, meaning that he is all but guaranteed to be on the ballot come November.

Jones’ website features photos of him addressing KKK rallies and giving the Nazi salute. In one section on the site, Jones calls the Holocaust “the biggest blackest lie in history.” He has also lauded the Confederate flag as “a symbol of White pride and White resistance.” In one blog post, he blamed the August 2017 attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia on “Radical Leftists,” despite the fact that Neo-Nazis were responsible for the death of a woman at this rally.

The former member of the American Nazi Party told the Chicago Tribune that he opposes integrated schools and interracial marriages.

This isn’t Jones’ first attempt to run for Congress. The white supremacist has run for office multiple times since 1976, but he has never made it past the Republican primaries.

Republicans removed Jones from the ballot in 2016, but because he followed the proper procedure in 2017, this year he will remain on the ballot. Nevertheless, party leaders in Illinois have been quick to disavow Jones’ campaign.

Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District encompasses several Chicago suburbs and is a reliably Democratic district. For this reason, it’s unlikely that Jones will win the House seat in 2018. Either incumbent Representative Dan Lipinski or challenger Marie Newman will face Jones in the November election.

Even though Jones probably won’t become Illinois’s next representative, we’re still appalled that he was able to make it onto the ballot so easily. White supremacy has no place in politics, and it’s important that we keep exposing Neo-Nazis for what they are. We hope that all political parties will work to keep future nominations away from people like Jones.