2016 Isobel Cup - Game 2
Credit: Andy Marlin/Getty Images for NWHL

Harrison Browne is about to become a household name among sports fans. Not only did the 23-year-old forward for the National Women’s Hockey League Buffalo Beauts net 12 points last season and help take the Beauts to the championship series, which is already pretty dang impressive…

But Browne is also the first openly transgender player in American professional team sports.

That’s right. In ANY American professional team sport – hockey, football, baseball, soccer, you name it, men’s OR women’s teams.

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Harrison continued in the statement clarifying how he wanted to be identified moving forward.

Browne had put off getting a medical transition when he signed with the Beauts after college, and due to the NHWL’s drug policy will not begin testosterone treatments while he’s still in the League. But he’s ready to move forward as his authentic self.


Also super cool: the League’s reaction. They declared their unconditional support for Browne, affirming that they will respect his name and his pronouns. AND (drum roll, please)…

According to ESPN, the Women’s League “is accepting of a transgender man on a team roster” and plans to implement transgender athlete-inclusive policy soon.


Harrison Browne: You are our hero!!!