Angelica Florio
Updated February 08, 2019

Even though 2019 just started, most people would agree that it feels like a year has already passed. The good news is that one of the best holidays of the year is upon us, which is National Pizza Day on February 9th. Now, you might be thinking that National Pizza Day is every day, and you’re probably right. But one extra special thing about food holidays is that you can usually snag some pretty great deals from your favorite restaurants to celebrate. National Pizza Day deals are off the charts this year, so get ready to EAT.

Of course, National Pizza Day isn’t like every other food holiday—this one is extra special, seeing as pizza is a lifestyle. Over the past few years, pizza has shown up in so many other arenas of culture besides food. From pizza eyeshadow palettes to pop-up pizza museums, the Italian cuisine is so much more than something you eat every once in a while. If you’re someone who bows down to the altar of cheese, tomato sauce, and dough, then you will definitely want to celebrate National Pizza Day with fanfare.

Here are all the National Pizza Day deals you can’t miss.

Because pizza love surpasses all other loves.

1 Papa John’s

Papa John’s is selling any large specialty pie for $12 from now through March 3rd. Celebrate National Pizza Day by trying the Philly cheesesteak pizza, which Papa John’s is offering for a limited time.

2 Domino’s

Domino’s is hosting a Twitter giveaway for National Pizza Day. All you have to do is retweet the company’s giveaway announcement—from a public Twitter account, mind you—to get in the running to win free pizza for a year.

3 Blaze Pizza

Right now, if you order online, you can get two pepperoni pizzas for $10. That’s almost the cost of a fancy coffee shop drink.

4 Round Table Pizza

If you live on the west coast, make sure to hit up one of Round Table’s locations to get a free cheese or one-topping personal pizza with every regular pizza order. You’ll need a coupon, so make sure you check the store’s website or Twitter.

5 Pizza Hut

From February 7th to 17th, you can use the promo code THANKYOU online at checkout to get any large pizza for $10.99. The deal is available for carry-out only, and considering you can add any toppings you want, you should probably send your strongest family member to pick it up because you’ll be piling them on.


IHOP has unveiled a pizza-sized pancake, called a “Pancizza,” and per the song in the company’s promotional video, “It’s a circle in a box fresh from IHOP.” That’s basically all the explanation you need, except that it’s only available February 8th to 10th in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and New York City. Choose from Cupcake, Bacon & Cheddar, and Original Pancake flavors to celebrate this innovative National Pizza Day offering.

7 Chuck E. Cheese’s

From now through February 9th, you can get any large pizza upgraded for free to an extra large. Either show a coupon at the register, use the code 4860, or ask for the “National Pizza Day” offer when purchasing.

8 Toppers

If you live in the Midwest, make sure to check out Toppers’ online deal to get two items for $9.99. You can choose between any house pizza, a three-topping pizza (any size), or any Topperstix.

9 Little Caesars Pizza

While Little Caesars doesn’t have a specific National Pizza Day deal, it did just bring back the Pretzel Crust Pizza for the first time in four years, so that’s a reason to celebrate. If you’re searching for a deal, try the Classic Meal Deal, which includes a large pepperoni or plain cheese pizza, Crazy Combo, and two-liter drink for $10 plus tax.

Just remember: pizza goes fast.

So you’d better cherish every moment of National Pizza Day. Mangia, mangia!