cheese pizza day
Credit: Shannon O'Hara/Getty Images for Pizza Hut

As far as national food days go, some of them seem downright unnecessary, while others seem like they deserve official days off from work. National Cheese Pizza Day is one of the latter, because really, the day that falls on September 5th pays homage to an all-time classic food. There are plenty of National Cheese Pizza Day deals happening today to help you celebrate such an important holiday, but honestly, there should be parades.

If you thought that Labor Day or the Jewish holidays happening in September were the key holidays of the month, you’d be wrong. Pizza is a beloved food—some people even hold pizza bouquets at their weddings—but sometimes, topping disputes arise. The age-old debate over whether or not pineapples belong on pizzas has divided us, but right now we really just need to unite.

Cheese pizza is probably one of the few things that everyone can agree on, which is why Cheese Pizza Day is a major deal. If you’re at someone’s house, people who love meat toppings and people who love veggie toppings all have one thing in common: cheese.

Celebrate this hallowed day with one of these exciting Cheese Pizza Day deals.

Mmm, cheesy.

1 Cicis

The nationwide chain is offering large one-topping pizzas to go for $5 when ordered through the MyCicis mobile app. The deal lasts from September 5th-30th.

2 Papa John’s

Papa John’s is still under fire, and not the wood oven kind, for its founder’s recent use of the N-word. If you’re willing to patronize the chain, Papa John’s has two deals for National Cheese Pizza Day that involve promo codes. The first deal offers a one-topping pizza for $7 with the code LG1TOP7. The other deal offers an order of 10-inch cheese sticks for $5. The cheese stick deal’s code, appropriately, is CHEESELOVER. This deal lasts through September 7th.

3 Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

The Southeast chain wants you to enjoy National Cheese Pizza Day with a free cheese pizza—with the purchase of another pizza, that is. All you have to do is show your server this holiday tweet to get the deal.

4 Fired Pie (Arizona)

According to USA Today, you’ll get half off a cheese pizza after first purchasing any drink at all of the Arizona chain’s locations.

5 Domino’s Pizza (check with your local store)

Domino’s doesn’t have a national deal going today—ugh, right?—but local shops likely will. The above deal is being offered in Nigeria, which happens to have a National Cheese Pizza Day competition. Maybe it’s worth booking a flight to Lagos?

6 LOTSA Stone Fired Pizza

This pizza chain has locations at college campuses around the country. For National Cheese Pizza Day, students can win a cheese pizza party. All you have to do is follow LOTSA Pizza’s Instagram account and tag a friend in its Cheese Pizza Day post’s comments. It sounds like a great way to make friends if you’re a new student.

7 Paragon Theaters (Florida and Virginia)

For Cheese Pizza Day, you can buy one cheese pie and get another one for free. Call your friend and tell them you’re having a pizza party for two.

Nothing beats a classic cheese pizza, and today is the perfect day to celebrate it.