Jessica Booth
Updated Feb 12, 2018 @ 10:00 am

One of the most exciting things about the Olympic Games is that we’re introduced to so many new and talented athletes. This year, one of the biggest new faces at the Games is figure skater Nathan Chen. Already making history as the first man to perform five quads in a free skate, Nathan Chen is also one of the youngest competitors on Team USA. His face is probably already familiar due to the endorsements he’s nabbed so far (before even winning a medal!). So you might be wondering: What is Nathan Chen’s net worth? It’s probably a whole lot more than you think!

At 18 years old, Nathan Chen already has some hefty accomplishments under his belt. Over the course of 2017, he took home $18,000 for each of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating series events that he won, including the Rostelecom Cup, 2017 Skate America, and the Grand Prix final. He was the champion at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in February of 2017, something that earned him a cool $20,000. And he also won the 2018 U.S. Championships, but numbers aren’t available for what he made there.

Of course, Nathan Chen also earns money from endorsements.

He has contracts with Kellogg’s, Bridgestone, United Airlines, Nike, and Coca-Cola. Despite the fact that this is his first time at the Olympics, his face is already recognizable enough to land him a starring role in the Olympics commercial during the Super Bowl. That only shows that more endorsements are likely headed his way. While we don’t know how much he got from these endorsements, we do know that that kind of thing can garner millions of dollars for other big-name athletes.

So, what is Nathan Chen’s exact net worth?

We can’t be totally sure, but it’s safe to say he’s making six figures; in the high hundred-thousands or maybe the low millions. Business Insider reports that the prize money for a gold medal is a tax-exempt $37,500. If Chen wins the gold, which some think we will do, he could take home that cash too.

All of that means that this year, Nathan Chen could score around $160,000 in prize money. Of course, you have to consider how much he himself has paid to get to this point. Figure skating is widely known as one of the more expensive sports to get into for the Olympics, and Nathan and his family have had to pay their way to get to this spot. That’s a big price tag!

Unfortunately, Nathan Chen hasn’t shown us his best side at the Winter Games just yet.

On the very first night of competition, he disappointed fans and viewers with his first performance. He slipped up a few times, giving what announcers called his “worst short ever.” Yikes. We know Nathan can bounce back — we just hope he manages to do so in the biggest way possible this year!