Nicole Cord-Cruz
Updated Jan 31, 2018 @ 3:42 pm

Natalie Portman is actually the best. Like, what can’t she do? She’s the queen of shade, a phenomenal rapper, and a brilliant, award-winning actress, among other things.

Over the course of her colorful career, Natalie Portman has starred in multiple high-grossing, critically acclaimed films, playing a variety of riveting roles. She played a stripper in Closer, a badass queen in Star Wars, and an overzealous ballerina in Black Swan. And in her Saturday Night Live promo, Portman reminds us of some of what she’s accomplished on-screen — and teased everyone that she’s ready to showcase what else she can do, aside from you know, sensational acting.

It’s all so dramatic — with confetti, background music, and ambient lights to boot. That is until she’s suddenly cut off by the whining of cast members Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson. The comedian seems about ready to lose it, but then Portman invites him to join her. And peace is once again restored in the SNL studio. *Phew*

After more than a decade, our girl Natalie Portman returns to host Saturday Night Live on February 3rd, to promote her latest film, Annihilation, in which she will play the role of a fierce scientist. (Okay, seriously, could she be any more versatile?!)

The upcoming episode marks her second time as host, and if you think back to 2006, you might remember that she starred in, perhaps, one of the funniest sketches in Saturday Night Live history. Or like, ever.

We have no idea how she can possibly top that, but we can’t wait to be proved wrong! And Natalie Portman being Natalie Portman, we just KNOW that it will be all sorts of iconic.

Saturday can’t get here fast enough.