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A few days ago, something unusual happened to die-hard astrology enthusiasts; they were caught by surprise. An unpredictable turn of events surfaced in the news and it suggested the power of re-directing everything that impassioned zodiac sign believers take for written-in-the-stars-truths about their personalities, their fates, and their right and wrong romantic partners.

Star signs were initially assigned over 3,000 years ago by the Babylonians. Apparently a 13th constellation called Ophiucus was purposefully excluded because it didn’t match up with the 12-month calendar.

Wait, does it mean these two are fine now?

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For eons and eons, the system worked. “I’m a Leo, so I can’t date a Scorpio,” we’ve heard. Or, “I can totally move to Japan if I get the job because I’m a Gemini, so I’m adaptable.”

But then Cosmopolitan UK reported that NASA had claimed planet earth had shifted so significantly on it’s axis and within it’s planetary alignment over the past 3,000 years that star signs had changed.

A farcical take on the disruptions to our cosmo-assigned fates went viral.

But good news just came out, once again surprising those who believe the stars protect them from surprises. NASA spokesman Dwayne Brown confirmed that this recent rumor isn’t true. Not only have our astrological signs not changed, but this isn’t the first time the rumor has surfaced with such ferocity. According to the myth-debunking site Snopes, threads for this topic date back to 2002!

So is the whole thing just a, shall we say, dark matter?

No. According to NASA, the earth has indeed significantly shifted from the positioning it held 3,000 years ago. The current zodiac signs and constellations do not precisely match up with their corresponding months, but they never exactly did.

So what’s the takeaway? Listen to NASA, trust your instincts, enjoy a starry sky for what it is.