Elena Sheppard
Updated June 07, 2016 11:24 am
Ida Mae Astute/ Getty Images

Minority Leader, and the House’s top Democrat, Nancy Pelosi said this morning that she officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. “I’m a voter in California, and I have voted for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States and proud to endorse her for that position,” Pelosi said. She also said during an interview on Good Morning America that she’d love to see two women running the country — as president and vice president.

Responding to a question about the prospect of Elizabeth Warren joining the Clinton ticket, Pelosi said: “We’ve had two men over and over again for hundreds of years. I think that two women, whoever they may be, that would be fabulous as well, but Hillary Clinton will choose the person that she feels most comfortable with.”

There is a whole lot of speculation about who the person Clinton will feel most comfortable with will actually be. Right now that shortlist is based more on rumor than fact, but Warren’s name has been thrown around quite a bit. Another female name that has been mentioned is Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar. While many will likely say two women is too many, we are fully into this lady ticket idea.

While Clinton is not yet the party’s official nominee, she has (as of last night) clinched the requisite number of delegates. As tradition goes, the official nominee won’t be named until the convention, which will be held this year in July.

No matter who you are voting for, one thing is for sure. Pelosi was totally right when she said it’s been “two men over and over again for hundreds of years.” Two women would definitely be “fabulous.”