Netflix Nailed It
Credit: Netflix

Many of us have watched baking shows like the Great British Bake Off and searched through Pinterest, collecting artisanal baking ideas. We fill our boards and bullet journals with our lofty #bakinggoals and with recipes that we might someday get to. Indeed, the road to baking glory is littered with Pinterest fails, burned baked goods, and undercooked treats for those of us who seem to be missing some basic baking skills.

For years, there wasn’t a baking show to celebrate our unique talents in the culinary arts. For too long, our baking misadventures had to be relegated to shameful posts on social media. But now, Netflix has given the rest of us, those whose biggest baking achievement is successfully making chocolate chip cookies from scratch without burning them, our very own baking show — Nailed It.

Nailed It is a show that has brought together some of the worst aspiring bakers out there to compete in one outrageous cooking show. While obviously, the goal of the show is to ultimately improve the contestants’ baking skills, these bakers all come to the table with that naive optimism about the difficulty of the bakes ahead of them (that we all know too well) and an all-too-relatable lack of skill.

Just take a look at Netflix’s hilarious Nailed It trailer, and you’ll feel so seen, just like us.

Though the skill is probably a *touch* below what we’re used to seeing in shows like The Great British Bake Off, Nailed It seems like it will have the same fun, feel-good vibes we’ve come to know and love. And while we adore the calming nature that GBBO takes on when experts create amazing baked goods, we can already tell that we’re going to be down for the humor that comes when things don’t go, um, entirely to plan on Nailed It.

That’s clear as day in this clip of a particularly hilarious baking fail.

Nailed It seems fun and lighthearted, and anything centered around baking — good or bad — has got to be a big win, right? Right, and better yet, the show is now streaming on Netflix, so you can start checking out the fun for yourself!