This nail salon is charging an additional fee for "overweight" people, and we're shaking our heads


We never thought a nail salon could become a place of discrimination, but how very wrong we were. A woman named Deshania Ferguson took a picture of a sign in Memphis, TN that showed a nail salon’s unfair policy that charges “overweight” people extra when it comes to pedicures. She posted the picture to her Facebook and it quickly went viral — because it doesn’t take much to realize how prejudiced and offensive this fat shaming sign is.

Apparently, a nail salon called Rose Nails is charging $45 for a pedicure among people who are “overweight.” Who or what determines when a person is “overweight” is unclear, though. Naturally, Deshania was upset by the sign, and many other people expressed similar sentiments. Deshania’s post has been shared over 550 times and there are 87 comments already.

Went to gt my nails done on Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd and this is what they have rude 😠😠😠

Posted by Deshania Ferguson on Saturday, March 11, 2017

“Went to gt my nails done on Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd and this is what they have up….so rude,” Deshania wrote.

The sign itself read: “Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicure will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists.”

Deshania’s post became so popular that the local news picked up the story. WREG went to Rose Nails to report on the matter, where they met the owner Son Nguyen. Nguyen told the reporters that the sign didn’t belong to his establishment, even though the picture shows the same floors and walls as his nail salon.

However, he did insist that he will refuse to provide services to people he thinks are “overweight,” because the technicians have trouble treating these individuals — and he said two of his chairs have been broken before.

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where fat individuals are discriminated against, all because our society places an unnecessary amount of emphasis on “thin” people.

We genuinely hope this sign has been taken down, and that we see less and less “overweight” individuals being treated poorly for no reason at all.

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