Rachel Sanoff
Updated Aug 04, 2016 @ 1:59 pm
Credit: Amani Al-Khatatbeh

Amani Alkhat and Eman Bare are two young Muslim women living in New York City who also happen to be successful journalists. Alkhat is the editor-in-chief of Muslim Girl, and Bare is a contributor.

The two women were waiting to cross the street as they walked to lunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A bar employee was standing outside of said bar, cleaning a glass door, when he turned around and shouted, “ISIS,” at Alkhat and Bare.

The women, in disbelief, asked, “Excuse me?” And the racist man continued: “Are you a part of ISIS? I’m just asking.”

Quick on their feet, the women grabbed a picture of the man, and Alkhat documented the incident in a fierce Facebook status.

Credit: Amani Al-Khatatbeh

The status, in part, reads:

“He had some bad luck in the Muslim women he chose to harass today, right? We immediately turned around and confronted him. I asked, “Well, are you a part of the KKK? Are you a Nazi? Actually, are you a mass shooter? Are you going to light us up right now?”

I guess these two so-called oppressed girls in headscarves scared him off, because he quickly gathered his things to run back into his store. I guess he didn’t believe ‪#‎MuslimWomenTalkBack‬!

Eman quickly… managed to get the following shot of the man harassing us. We had to publish a Crisis Safety Manual for Muslim Women on Muslim Girl about how to deal with these situations, so girl already knew.”

Alkhat’s status goes on in thorough detail, as she explains that the racist man “grabbed his phone, stormed back outside, and accused US of harassing HIM and threatened to call the cops on us. He taunted us, saying, ‘I’ll have them decide if you’re ISIS or not!'”

But now when you go to Alkhat’s FB status, you’ll notice that there is an update above her original report, which had previously included the name of the bar and its phone number.

That’s right. Alkhat and Bare’s experience — and their powerful narrative describing it — drove so many infuriated Facebook users to call and complain that they got the man fired in 20 MINUTES.

Alkhat told APlus, “It’s important to stand up for ourselves instead of being intimidated or cowering. We’re not doing anything wrong — we’re simply existing. Racists should be the ones to feel uncomfortable engaging in that behavior.”

Thanks for showing us how it’s done!