Korey Lane
February 21, 2018 7:58 am

Ah, Muppets. They’re a cultural phenomenon, kid-friendly, cute, and consistently hilarious. Oh, and as of 2004, they’re also owned by Disney. And now, Disney apparently has more big plans for Kermit and friends. Apparently, Disney is rebooting The Muppets again —probablybecause the show has some pretty loyal followers, and we all know just how meme-worthy everyone’s favorite frog is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is undertaking a new Muppets series for their yet-to-be-named streaming service that’s expected to be a competitor for Netflix.

What will this new Muppets show be about? Well, that isn’t clear just yet, but what we do know is that this isn’t the first time that Disney has tried to bring back the acclaimed cast of funny puppets.

We’re super excited to see what Disney does with this latest take on The Muppets.

But even without the beloved characters, the Disney streaming service already sounds like it’s going to be a big hit. Other than that there will be classic Disney and Pixar films on the service (!), the new Muppets show might appear alongside reboots of High School Musical and a TV show based on Monsters, Inc. Let’s not forget the TV treatment of The Mighty Ducks, or the live-action Star Wars TV series. Basically, there’s a wholeeee lot to love.

So, while the 2016 attempt to revive The Muppets didn’t exactly succeed, this new direct-to-streaming show might just be able to pull it off. We’re so excited to find out and, in the meantime, we’ll be brushing up on our favorite puppets.