Wei-Ning Yu
August 05, 2017 10:19 am

This week in all things progressive and awesome, Muna Jama, a Muslim beauty pageant contestant, made history when she boldly competed in the swimsuit portion of the Miss Universe Great Britain wearing a kaftan. If you’ll recall from beauty pageants of yore, the swimsuit portion requires contestants to stride around stage in a bikini. Well, wearing a bikini goes against Muna’s religion. She made the difficult decision to sit out the swimsuit portion if it meant she had to don a two-piece. After some discussion, the pageant heads allowed her to cover up for the swimsuit portion. The end result delivered many oohs and ahhs. Not to mention a historic game-changer.

The colors! The movement! The accessories! Muna is a vision in this ensemble. More importantly, Muna became the first woman to walk the bikini portion in a kaftan. One small walk equals one huge stride for people everywhere.

Muna made a strong point about her original decision, and it’s one we are all clapping for. She told Metro UK:

On her Instagram page, she reflected on this pivotal moment and delivered some advice we all need to hear:

Your bravery knows no bounds. Thank you for speaking up and changing the name of the game. We salute you, Muna!