The superhero movie we’ve all been waiting for is almost finally here — The Incredibles 2 hits theaters in a few short weeks, and even though it’s been 14 years, the movie picks up literally seconds after the first movie ends. So while no time has passed, that doesn’t mean the Parr family hasn’t changed in a few ways. In fact, in the case of Mrs. Incredible (returning voice Holly Hunter), she might have actually changed more.

The sequel to the beloved 2004 classic now puts Helen at the forefront of saving the world, and bringing supers back into the limelight. (This means that Bob’s at home with the kids — invisible Violet, super-fast Dash, and anything-super-power-goes Jack-Jack — trying to dad as best he can.) And, as Edna Mode has probably lamented many times before, you can’t go around trying to save the world in just anything. For Incredibles 2, Elastigirl very much gets a makeover, and one that’s designed to make her feel powerful and strong. Hell yes.

During a press day for Incredibles 2 at Pixar in Emeryville, California, HelloGiggles sat down with Bryn Imagire, the shading art director of Incredibles 2, who explained that even in the first movie, director Brad Bird “always felt like he wanted Helen to be the center of the family…On this film, because Brad wanted her to still be the center of the family but since she’s going off and being a superhero again, she’s sort of blending that, she’s conflicted. She doesn’t want to leave the family but she has to go off and do her job.”

Incredibles 2
Credit: PIxar

So how do you convey that via not just spoken dialogue, but her costumes? Easy. “I put her in a red sweater and pink crop pants, so it’s like she’s like a flower,” Imagire continues. “She will be the center of attention, because that’s like her peak at that time. She’s back on being fabulous. She’s back in her career. Small things like that we did think about throughout.”

When it’s time for Helen to actually suit up and get the job done, her costume had to be altered a tiny bit from the first movie.

“The reason why we made [her brand new] suit so dark was because she had to do a lot of running around in the dark, and she couldn’t do that in her white costume with the red boots and gloves. It’s too conspicuous. We had to tone that way down. Then just the neutral palette. Brad loves red and black. To make it punchy and make her have the highest amount of contrast by adding white into all of her costumes, so that she would always have…the most contrast in her costumes when we see her. That’s probably why you love it, because [we used] black, white, and red for her costume.”

Oh yes, we love it, we’re obsessed with it, and we can’t wait to watch Helen/Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl save the day when Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15th.