We’re feeling extra nostalgic today, and the cast of the ’90s classic Mrs. Doubtfire is to blame. Pierce Brosnan, Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, and Lisa Jakub reunited Wednesday, October 25th, for a 25th anniversary reunion special set to air on Today next month. And while we can’t watch their interview (yet), the cast posted some adorable footage from their meet-up.

“Guess who?” Brosnan, who played Sally Field’s love interest Stu in the movie, wrote on Instagram. “Today, after 25 years, I gathered around a table in the company of three beautiful young people, to talk story about a film that has touched the hearts of so many.”

Sally Fields, who played mom Miranda, was unable to attend.

Jakub also posted a clip from the reunion on her Twitter feed, sharing a video Brosnan took on his phone that pans between a pic of the cast gathered as children, and then as adults in real-time.

“Our step-dad,” Wilson jokes, before leaning in to give Lawrence a hug while Brosnan kisses Jakub on the head.

Excuse us, we…we need a minute.