Sophie Hirsh
May 08, 2018 10:29 am

On Teacher Appreciation Day, who better to appreciate than your favorite TV teacher of the ’90s? That’s right — actor William Daniels has stepped back into his iconic role as Mr. Feeny in honor of the holiday, also known as National Teacher’s Day.

In a video for E! News, Daniels shared a heartwarming message, in character as Mr. Feeny, encouraging viewers to show gratitude for their teachers.

At 91 years old, Daniels still has the eloquence and wisdom of the Feeny we remember.

Then, he adds the perfect Boy Meets World touch: “I’m talking to you, Mr. Matthews.”

For his final words of wisdom, Daniels really turned up the Feeny vibes.

Here’s the full video:

And Feeny — er, Daniels — is right. For all they do for us, teacher’s make an average yearly salary of $56,420. Which, isn’t all that much when we think of just how hard most teachers work and how much they contribute.

So if you’re currently wondering how to thank your teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, you may want to start with just that — saying thank you. You can even thank a teacher through a note or email if saying it in person doesn’t feel comfortable. They’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine. Trust us.