Jessica Booth
Updated March 03, 2018
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When you first start watching Get Out, you might assume it’s just another romantic comedy delving into the issues that often come along with interracial relationships. But as you get into the film, it’s clear that it’s far more disturbing. All of the sudden (the jarring transition works), you’re in the middle of a full-blown horror film. It’s an excellent horror/comedy movie that shocked viewers everywhere, and it deserves the four Oscar nods it received, including a nomination for Best Picture. If you loved Get Out, there are some similar movies you can stream now.

Comedy/horror films can seem like an oxymoron — how can a movie be both? It’s hard to do them well, but when they’re done correctly, they’re entertaining, scary, funny, and interesting all at once. One of the best things about Get Out is that it sparked a huge conversation about race. It’s hard to find that component in another film, but there are still some great movies in the genre that you’ll probably like if you enjoyed Jordan Peele’s movie.

If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, what are you waiting for?! Watch it now so that you’re all caught up before the Academy Awards. Then make sure to watch the below movies… just maybe not at night. They might be funny, but they’re still really creepy!

1. Scream

In an interview with The Ringer, Get Out director Jordan Peele said Scream inspired him for its “lighter, ironic, comedic choices in the fabric of the script” and “[how] it addressed horror movies. It had this postmodern reference and so in that way it’s more realistic than a normal horror movie where there’s no knowledge of any horror tropes. I took a cue from that with the character Rod, so that we could have a character that expresses what the audience wishes somebody would say. And that wouldn’t be breaking the reality, it would actually be grounding it.” Scream does the comedy/horror thing really, really well — it’s also great if you’re looking for something that isn’t too scary.

You can watch this on YouTube and Amazon.

2. The Visit

Similar to Get Out, The Visit is also a comedy/horror that juxtaposes terrifying jump scares with hilarious one-liners. The Visit is about two siblings visit their grandparents who they’ve never met before and discovering some truly bizarre and frightening things during their visit. The film also tackles the underlying idea of how ageist of a society we are.

You can watch on YouTube, Amazon Video, Google Play, and iTunes.

3. The Cabin in the Woods

If you really loved the surprise ending in Get Out, try watching The Cabin In The Woods. It starts out as your basic teen slasher flick about five friends who go on vacation to a remote cabin in the woods. But while it begins as any typical horror movie, it has a totally different ending (that I’m not going to spoil).

You can watch this on YouTube, Amazon Video, Google Play, and iTunes.

4. The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives is very similar to Get Out in more than a few ways, and Peele has said repeatedly that he was really inspired by the movie. The Stepford Wives brings up similar issues, although it’s more about gender inequality than race. In an interview with Village Voice, Peele said that The Stepford Wives: both signaled to me that it was possible to make an inclusive story that everybody can enjoy and get freaked out by.”

You can watch this on Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

5. Rosemary’s Baby

This is a classic horror film that was another big inspiration for Peele, in the same way that The Stepford Wives was. When discussing the movie, Peele has said, “What they did within the thriller genre was this very delicate tightrope walk that honored the protagonist in a way that you rarely see in the genre these days. The protagonists are smart and they’re investigative, and there’s an effort to justify why the character doesn’t run screaming. That dance between showing something weird and then showing how easily it can be placed with reality was the technique I brought to Get Out.”

You can watch this on YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

6. The Shining

Did you love the super creepy feeling of Get Out? If so, definitely make sure to watch The Shining, based on a Stephen King novel of the same name. The movie is very scary and definitely strange, and it was another one that inspired Peele. In an interview with The Verge, Peele said he was influenced by “the way that they used the location of the Overlook as kind of the monster, sort of idyllic and creepy.”

You can watch this on YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

7. Halloween

Halloween is a horror movie classic. At this point, the film feels very old and outdated, but it’s still really scary. It’s also another movie that inspired Peele. In that interview with The Verge, Peele said he was inspired by the opening scene, “pulling the horror out from suburbia.”

You can watch this on Amazon and iTunes.

8. Poltergeist

This is more spooky ghost movie than thoughtful dark comedy-horror Get Out, but it’s still a classic that you would like if you liked the latter. It’s also another movie that inspired Peele.

You can watch on Amazon and iTunes.

9. Misery

If you were really into the surprise villain, you might want to watch Misery. There’s another unlikely villain who’s terrifying, similar to Get Out. Just make sure you’re ready to be totally creeped out!

You can watch this on YouTube and Amazon.

10. The Silence of the Lambs

If you want to watch something super scary, make it The Silence of the Lambs. According to Film School Rejects, Peele has called the “Clarice/Hannibal face-offs” inspiration for the hypnosis scene. The Silence of the Lambs is about Hannibal Lector and it’s really creepy.

You can watch this on YouTube and Amazon.

11.The Amityville Horror

Another horror film that inspired, Peele, The Amityville Horror is about a couple that moves into a house only to discover it’s terribly haunted. (Life hack: Always do research and make sure nobody was murdered in the house you want to buy.)

Watch on HBO Go, HBO Now, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes.

12. North by Northwest

You know that moment in Get Out when Rose’s “grandpa” runs straight at Chris and the audience is like, “Omg, is he going to stop, or will he run straight into him?” This technique was borrowed by North by Northwest. Peele stated, “Somebody running at you or towards you just creates a visceral and physical reaction for the audience”.

Watch on YouTube, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

13. Night of the Living Dead

Peele said Night of the Living Dead, the OG zombie movie, inspired him because, according to IMBD, “the film had an African-American protagonist.” Night of the Living Dead is just classically NOT scary and mostly good fun.

14. Babadook

Babadook is another psychological thriller — nothing is gory, but the plot is a metaphor for, well, humanity. In it, a widowed woman learns that her son has actually been telling the truth about a “monster” that’s come to life from pages in a book.

Stream on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Showtime.

If you’re all set for a movie marathon with this list, just make sure you have a friend by your side. These are too scary to watch by yourself!