Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 23, 2018 @ 1:58 pm

Each state may have their famous landmarks and local legends, but after learning about the Chicago “Mothman,” we’re currently more interested in each state’s monster mania. For example, Chicago isn’t the only city in Illinois to have a monster on the loose. In fact, Illinois is known to be a melting pot of odd creatures from sea serpents to Abominable Swamp Slobs (literally referred to as A.S.S. by local lore experts).

In October 2017, The Chicago Tribune put together a field guide of the most intriguing monsters Illinois residents should be wary of. One such creature is The Enfield Horror, a three-legged, bright-eyed beast first spotted in the 1940s and then several more times in the 1970s. Some who saw it likened it to a deformed kangaroo. Others said it more resembled an ape.

Another Illinois oddity is the The Wolfman of Chestnut Mountain. It’s not quite a werewolf, yet it’s supposedly a wolf that walks on its hind legs and runs at high speed. The most recent sighting was back in 2010.

Okay, fine — you probably want to know what in the world an A.S.S. is. According to John Keel, a mythical lore connoisseur who wrote The Mothman Prophecies, the A.S.S. is a smelly alien who resides in swampy areas. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So it looks like the Mothman has to share the state of Illinois with some other frightening fellas.

And if he’s thinking of moving back to his West Virginian roots, he’ll have to contend with West Virginia’s humanoid goat-man, Sheepsquatch, the seven-foot-tall,glowing-eyed Flatwoods Monster, and Ogua the bear-sized turtle. Ogua sounds kind of cute, TBH.

The Mothman won’t be able to be his own, unique creature anywhere in the U.S., actually. Almost every state has their monster lore. Hog Island Press came up with an awesome U.S. map noting the most famous creature in each state, so you can easily find which monster may be lurking in your hometown.

With the seemingly endless list of monsters in America, we certainly hope they stay in their respective areas. If they decide to team up against us humans, we’re in trouble.