Karen Belz
Updated February 01, 2018

It seems like there’s a version of Monopoly for everything these days. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that there will soon be a Monopoly made specifically for people who cheat at Monopoly. And it seems like Hasbro thought of every single way a player could sneakily bend the rules.

Called the “Cheaters Edition,” the new version of the Hasbro game encourages players to take control outside of the standard rules. Players are encouraged to steal from the bank, skip spaces on the board, and even short the rent. So if you’ve got a hotel on Boardwalk, it’s no longer a guaranteed win — especially if another player chooses to demolish it during their turn.

According to Hasbro, players can also collect rent on properties that aren’t even theirs. It sounds a bit confusing, but also — dare we say it — oddly thrilling?

Additionally, instead of one player serving as the banker, the position rotates throughout the game, which surely adds more room for scandal.

The game comes with a few new items, like a deck of 15 cheat cards.

Hasbro decided to tease the game on its website by releasing images like these, which help us get a better feel for what to expect. It looks like there are plenty of ways to become the Monopoly champion of cheating.

The game also includes a handcuff. Being thrown in jail literally means that you’ll be cuffed to the board, which is an interesting twist.

The game is expected to be released this fall, and it’s already on our holiday wishlist.