This past Wednesday, May 9th, Monica Lewinsky clapped back at an unnamed organization for inviting her to a “social change” event only to rescind her invitation after Bill Clinton expressed interest in attending. In a follow up tweet, Lewinsky told the organization in question not to “ameliorate the situation” by insultingly offering her an interview in their magazine.

Although Lewinsky did not outwardly name the organization nor the event, HuffPost learned that Lewinsky was referring to the Town & Country annual philanthropic summit. Former President Bill Clinton attended the Wednesday summit, where he introduced gun control advocate and Parkland survivor, Emma Gonzalez. Clinton’s press secretary, Angel Unreña, tweeted that Clinton had no knowledge that Lewinsky’s invite had been rescinded.

In the wake of the Me Too movement, Lewinsky has gained support from those who have since acknowledged that she, too, was a victim of workplace power-dynamic abuse long before it was a publicly discussed issue. The move by Town & Country plays into the almost 20-year sexist narrative that proclaimed Lewinsky as less than and villainous compared to the “respectable” former president.

Many fellow Twitter users stepped in to show their support for Lewinsky and to call out the publication. One such Twitter clapback was from writer and director Judd Apatow. He tweeted,

Town & Country tweeted an apology to Lewinsky early Thursday morning, May 10th. The publication stated they “regret the way the situation was handled.”

Lewinsky has yet to respond to the apology (at least via Twitter).