When the issue of school dress codes comes up, we most often see it connected with a girl’s choice of dress that a school deems too “distracting” for the male classmates. We’ve seen girls sent home from school for exposed collarbones and girls asked to leave prom for floor length, long-sleeved dresses. In protest, we’ve watched girls and their mothers fight back, using hashtags, social media posts, and petitions to point out the problems with the sexist dress codes so many schools enforce. And now, we have another mom fighting back, but not for her daughter—for her sons.

One mom, Nicole Alvarez, is fighting against the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District for the right for her sons to wear earrings to school. According to the current dress code, earrings may only be worn by girls, not boys.

Nicole’s third grade daughter and husband both wear earrings. In fact, Nicole told Kiii 3 News, her boys wanted to wear earrings to be more like their father.

But when her six-year old son, Jaci Alvarez, and his five-year old brother, Bentley, first wore their earrings in class, Nicole was informed that while her third grade daughter could wear earrings to school everyday, her sons could not.

“It’s not fair that my sister could wear them but not me,” Jaci Alvarez told Kiii 3 News.

So, Nicole filed a grievance with the district over the dress code and is now waiting until the school board meeting on September 28th to discuss the complaint.

“I don’t want my son to feel like he can’t do something because of his gender,” Nicole said.

We completely agree. It’s sad to see a step backwards in the gender separation fight. Instead of distinguishing between what girls should wear and boys should not, we should be encouraging children to be whoever they want to be.

We are rooting for Nicole and her sons as they fight for the right for boys to express themselves freely. For now, her boys keep threads in their ears while at school to keep the piercings from closing. But hopefully soon, they will be allowed to show off whatever cool earrings they choose.

(Image via KiiTV screengrab)