This woman discovered she had an epidural needle stuck in her spine for 14 years, and OMFG

It’s no secret that giving birth is painful. And as if bringing another human into the world wasn’t hard enough, sometimes there are unforeseen complications. One woman recently found an epidural needle lodged in her spine — 14 years after giving birth to her youngest child.

Amy Bright of Jacksonville, Florida, told local news station First Coast News that after she gave birth to her youngest son in September 2003, she began to feel sharp pain in her back and legs. But the pain didn’t stop; instead it persisted for the next 14 years.

"It feels like fire, like a poker next to my tailbone," Bright told First Coast News. "And then on occasion, it shoots down the left side of my leg on my calf, like my calf side, and then down and into my foot."

In November, after moving to Texas with her family, Bright decided to get a CT scan, which revealed a three-centimeter fragment of epidural needle that was stuck in her spine. On March 22nd, she filed a medical malpractice suit against the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, where she had delivered her son.

Bright’s lawyer, Sean Cronin, said that he was “speechless” that no one had told Bright about the needle.

"When you pull out the needle, you look at the needle and make sure that tip is there. That's missing," he said at a press conference on March 22nd. "It's documented in her medical records that they had an unsuccessful spinal needle attempt at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in September of 2003. So no one else put a needle in her back."

Unfortunately, Bright will likely have to live with the epidural needle in her back for the rest of her life because doctors have said that surgery to remove it would be too dangerous.

Complications from childbirth are scary, but they do happen, and unfortunately, it can be difficult to get treatment for these complications. But we need to listen to women when they say they’re in pain. No one deserves to live life with an epidural needle in their spine.

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