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Updated May 21, 2015 @ 12:02 pm
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As an LGBTQ individual, coming out to parents can be both crucial and terrifying. It’s so important that parents respond with acceptance, love and understanding. It’s even better if they can make their kid belly-laugh in the process. And that’s just what one amazing mom did and why she’s pretty much the queen of the Internet this week.

Bri Johnson, 22, first came out to her mother while she was completing military training in Texas one year ago. According to Buzzfeed News, her mother was both ultra supportive and totally unphased by the announcement. “I said, ‘Hey, Mom, I have to tell you something,'” Bri told Buzzfeed. “To which she responded, ‘Is it something I’ve known for 22 years?’ And I asked, ‘Are you serious?’ She was like, ‘Are YOU serious? It’s not a surprise, Bri.'”

Best reaction ever. So for Mother’s Day, Bri posted a video on her Tumblr of her mother, who is currently battling cancer, reenacting Bri’s “coming out of the closet,” and it was seriously HILARIOUS while making our hearts totally burst. It featured Bri’s mother, in a bathrobe, pretending like her daughter was in a closet. “For us it was like, are you coming out?” she said, opening the door as Bri giggled in the background. “You ready? Let us know! It wasn’t locked.”

Bri posted the video with the caption “My mom’s says this was how it was when I came out. I love her. She’s a minister everyone. Religion shouldn’t involve hate.” Gosh, our love for this has NO bounds. And apparently other people love it just as much, because it’s been shared over 70,000 times.

“Everybody thinks it’s hilarious and they think it’s cute,” Bri told The Huffington Post. “But the reality is that it was honest — that was a pretty good metaphor for how the situation went down… I want people to take away the fact that they should accept their kids. Give them a reason to not be afraid of telling you what’s up. Keep those lines of communication open because different reactions are really unfortunate and different people do different things when they’ve been rejected.”

We totally love this reaction and sincerely hope that every parent watches this and reacts the exact same way. Watch the entire video below, and seriously, get ready to be confused whether you should laugh or cry happy tears.

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