jessica tholmer
March 18, 2018 7:40 am
ngvhi /

Pet stories are a particular kind of emotional. Any story that involves a dog or a cat or even, like, a lizard, can quickly get overwhelmingly emotional. Sometimes these stories are happy, sometimes they are touching, and sometimes they’re just kind of tragic. Who can forget the kitten named Chloe in rehab for her paralyzed legs? Or the mysterious internet famous dog named Captain Ron with a very tear-worthy backstory?

These are the stories that stick with people because so many of us can relate to them. When you hear about Chrissy Teigen’s dog dying, those of us who have had dogs immediately slip back into that familiar moment. And even if you grew up without pets, so many of us can relate to the feeling that animals bring us. Joy in a world that is often not joyful.

So when Twitter user @ngvhi detailed the story about her missing cat on the Twitter, it quickly went viral. She brought us along on a journey that will not leave our minds and hearts anytime soon. Buckle up — it’s an emotional one.

It all started with a tweet about her missing cat, Panther, returning after five years. Five years is a long time, but never underestimate the power of a pet’s love.

Nguhi described her cat Panther’s journey from going missing to almost being euthanized.

Panther was adopted by a woman who renamed him Charlie, but there’s a major plot twist here.

Don’t worry! There are dogs in this story too!

Dog pics, even.

Trotsky is the one who discovered Panther, because of course he was. Animals do everything better than humans.

The neighbors were so generous and we are now wholly tearing up.

This story just keeps getting better, full of mutual love and understanding.


Can you imagine assuming your beautiful cat died but now he’s just sitting next to you purring? This is truly magical.

What a beautiful story about a cat’s love, a dog’s pal, and a person who is now swimming in the love of pets. If you have ever needed a heartwarming story, this is the one.

Naturally, the internet loved the story of the missing cat who found his way home.

After wiping tears away, a few people demanded a movie out of this.

You can find us waiting in line for Panther’s Tale. (Tail?) Congrats to the happy family!