Karen Belz
Updated Mar 09, 2018 @ 9:05 am

It’s exciting to introduce a new baby to the world — and while we have yet to glimpse Mindy Kaling’s daughter Katherine, we already know she’s been gifted one of the best baby presents of all time. As in, Oprah’s gift to baby Kaling was literally a hand-made castle-shaped bookcase carved from wood containing countless classic children’s books — all of which were branded with “Katherine’s Book Club.” Yep. Epic.

Kaling received other presents as well, including one from a Mr. Stephen Colbert. During a March 8th appearance on The Late Show (and before getting into the whole gift debacle), Kaling admitted that she was never really a kid person. But after giving birth to Katherine in December, she finally “gets” babies.

She then revealed what the two-month-old Katherine received from Colbert — a “very old-fashioned” baby outfit from the high-end clothing retailer Pixie Lily.

Credit: CBS

While Kaling was appreciative, especially since it was unique, she admitted it was.. kinda dated.

Kaling also admitted that the outfit “straight up sucks” in comparison to Oprah’s gift (though she made sure to say that she meant it with love).

Because hey, who knows when baby Katherine will have to participate in a 19th-century reenactment?