On Sunday, June 10th, Ocean’s 8 actress Mindy Kaling delivered the commencement speech at her alma mater, Dartmouth College. She joked about the brutal New Hampshire winter, being upstaged by her fellow Dartmouth alum, Shonda Rhimes, and even took a few jabs at President Trump. But Kaling also shared her secret to success with the 2018 graduates, and her advice is something everyone should hear.

After a witty roast of Dartmouth’s new logo and house system — “It’s so Hogwarts-y,” Kaling said, “Except they’re called South House, West House, School House…That’s the laziest name I’ve heard in my life and I spent over a decade working on shows called The Office and The Mindy Project” — Kaling got a little more serious.

Kaling also gave the Dartmouth Class of 2018 wise and “practical advice” in short list-form: Remove “proficient at Word” from your resume (LOL); get used to filling out forms, because that’s most of what being an adult is all about; order just one pancake and then “see how you feel” before ordering another one; a man should treat a woman as though the entire world is watching how he treats her; and finally, buy a toilet plunger now (because you never want to wait until you need one),

Watch Kaling’s entire commencement speech below:

We’re going to officially file this down as life-changing.