Mindy Kaling is doing it all — creating TV shows, starring in movies, and, most recently, being a mom. Kaling gave birth to Katherine Kaling in December 2017, and went right on to promote A Wrinkle In Time, which was released in theaters in February. These days, she’s chatting about the highly anticipated Ocean’s 8, which features an impressive cast of women — Kaling included. And while recently chatting with Shape, she shared a particularly telling insight she’s noticed while working on predominantly female sets.

In working with so many established women, Kaling said she noticed a distinct pattern.

Kaling said that she didn’t just get to know stars like Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett — she got to know their significant others and their kids, too (and asked plenty of questions about how other women balance work and motherhood).

As for Katherine (or “Kit,” as Kaling calls her), we have a feeling she’ll be seeing her fair share of sets in her life. Kaling just landed a new deal at Hulu to create an adaption of Four Weddings And A Funeral (we. can’t. wait.), and also wrote the upcoming movie Late Night about the world of late-night television.