Emily Baines
January 03, 2016 12:14 pm

In December, a record-setting 193.3 inches of snow buried Washington’s Snoqualmie Pass. Think about that: 193.3 inches — more than 16 feet — of snow in just one month! Skiers must be losing their minds right now.

So it stands to reason that this one picture supposedly taken on the Snoqualmie Pass would go viral. It shows a tour bus on a road winding through a colossal canyon of snow. I’m reminded of scenes from Snowpiercer— only it was, according to social media, real. The image blew up.

However, some social media users weren’t so quick to believe. (These are likely the same people who, when we were all kids together in second grade, told us Santa wasn’t real.)

The Oregonian writer Joseph Rose did a quick Google image reverse search and discovered that the picture was actually from  Japan’s Tateyama Kurobe “Snow Highway” Alpine Route. The pass exists, but it’s not in the United States.

As Rose points out, there was one glaring clue to its obvious illegitimacy. When was the last time we saw a bus driver driving on the left side of the road in the United States?

A few responsible social media users have pointed out the truth:

Huzzah for honesty on the internet!

For those of us interested in seeing what the Snoqualmie Pass actually looks like, Instagram is quite helpful:

And now it’s time to go look into visiting Japan, because come on guys, that snow highway is downright majestic. 

(Image via Facebook)