Rachel Paige
Updated January 24, 2018 10:23 am

Hopefully you’ve been stocking tissues for the last few months, because you’re going to need them. The next episode of This Is Us, “[TBD]” will finally show us Jack’s death — it’s a moment we’ve been not-eagerly waiting for since the beginning of the show, and it’s one none of us really want to watch.

We now know the events that lead up to his death, and it all has to do with a smoke alarm without batteries, and a faulty Crock-Pot in the kitchen that sparks. The house is soon engulfed in flames, and “[TBD]” — not the actual episode title, it just doesn’t have a name yet — will show us how Kate, Randall, and Kate (not Kevin, as he’s in the woods with Sophie) make it out of the house unscathed. Tragically, not Jack, as he somehow dies in the fire — whether it’s in the fire or from complications due to the fire, we still don’t know.

Hopefully you’ve not only got enough tissues, but have also been emotionally preparing for it. It’s going to be maybe the worst thing we watch on television in 2018, and series star Milo Ventimiglia knows this. Talking to Entertainment Weekly in a post-episode discussion, he tries his best to help us make peace with everything, and then details that the episode will actually crush our souls. Awesome, just what the kind of television I’m looking for [/sarcasm].

However, Ventimiglia is quick to remind us that even though we’re going to see Jack’s death, Jack will still be around. There’s still so much of Papa Pearson’s story we don’t know.

His words are reassuring, but this is still going to hurt like hell. The next episode of This Is Us airs after the Super Bowl, and please no one make anything in a Crock-Pot.